Angel Maltese
Natalie at
8 weeks old
Date of Birth.......June 22, 2000
Birth weight.........3 ounces
Name given at 6 weeks of age...

Natalie joined our family on August 4, 2000 at just barely 6 weeks old. She has been a bundle of joy every since the day she arrived. I never knew too much about the Maltese breed until I saw them on the Internet. I love dogs and enjoy surfing the net looking at the creativity of some of the dog's web sites. I came across some Maltese web sites and soon found myself looking at every Maltese site I could find. I did allot of research, reading everything I could find about these little angels, and learned all I possibly could about them and their needs. I was totally hooked on this adorable little breed and knew I had to have one of my own.........  Enter.....Natalie. What a sweet little angel she is!
Natalie has an older sister, 5 year old Kola. Kola is a cute little yorkie/pom, very independent and definately the alpha dog of the family. Natalie also has a brother, one year old Winston. He is a beautiful black and tan mini-doxie and just 7 months older than Natalie. What a threesome, never a dull moment in this house! Kola, being older tends to stay to herself allot. Natalie and Winston are so close in age and best friends, the only way to describe their relationship is PARTNERS IN CRIME!
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Natalie in diaper bag
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Natalie checking out the diaper bag.....7 weeks old
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March 24, 2001
Natalie grown up
Natalie has grown up! She is no longer the adorable little puppy we started this web site about, she is now a beautiful full grown little Maltese lady....:-)
We are in the process of remodeling her web site to show off her new look....It will take a little time since we are just now beginning to learn Paint Shop Pro so we can make our own graphics. She's still the light of my life, my little Angel Maltese, Natalie...:-))
Don't forget to check back often to see her new look!
Isn't she beautiful?
And, she's just as sweet!